Beautiful party dresses who are sure to turn heads

Beautiful party dresses who are sure to turn heads

People have thrown countless festivals for thousands of years. From the ancient Greeks bacchanalias to the modern Oscar after parties one can easily enjoy special occasions especially with food and drink. If the only thing that has changed is the clothes and the definition of what a party dress actually is.

The first party dresses were formal dresses used by women of the 18th century. These dresses were designed specifically for wearing the court in the presence of a monarch and they took hours to slip into. The sack for example was made of heavy luxury fabrics that were arranged in a series of drawers that reached the floor and ended in a modest train. The dress was so heavy that it required a shovel skirt crinoline to give that shape.

As time passed fashion became less conservative. It was under Queen Victoria that it was understood that the word evening rock came first. Again there was no standard definition but most designers agreed that an evening coat had long sleeves and a hemline that went to the ankles or the floor. Although still formal these dresses were made of lighter materials and had fewer stock than their predecessors. Trendy women even began to show some skin.

Formal dresses were easily available in sleeveless versions and with plunging d

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